Your Guide to Managed IT Pricing

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Making the big leap to managed IT services is easier when you can estimate managed IT services pricing

With so many variables affecting managed IT service rates, it can be challenging to calculate your managed IT costs without a highly customizable managed IT services ROI calculator

Sadly, this isn’t an option most times, which is why our guide to managed IT services pricing aims to remedy this and covers: 

  • Common Managed IT Pricing Models
  • Factors that Influence Managed IT Pricing
  • How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost (Narrowing to an Indirect Estimate)
  • How to Estimate Your Managed IT Services Costs Without a Managed IT Services Calculator

With these thoughts in mind, let’s begin.

Common Managed IT Pricing Models

As a business owner, you need to be familiar with the infrastructure, technology, and network demands of your organization. 

From knowing what it takes to keep you at peak performance (while managing day-to-day IT issues) to being honest with your consultation services about your IT infrastructure, everything comes together when your managed service provider is on the same page as you. 

While you may not be able to anticipate your future IT needs, you can at least begin mapping out the services you need by comparing common managed service pricing models. For instance, managed IT services are typically billed in two different ways, depending on the provider: 

  • Break-Fix (Pay-as-You-Go):  Generally, break-fix services are rendered as reactive IT issue remediations or project-based IT services that have an hourly rate. Sometimes additional costs may be incurred, such as if monitoring services or IT troubleshooting aren’t supported. 
  • Managed Service (Subscription): Managed services take a proactive approach to managing your infrastructure, technology, and processes by providing a wide range of services, support, and solutions to meet your evolving IT needs. For a predictable monthly fee, large, medium and small business owners with quick-shifting IT needs can easily scale and cater managed services to their needs.
Managed services are typically bound by Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which clearly defines the service levels (coverage, pricing, and terms) related to your managed service package.

Now that you understand how managed IT costs are typically structured, let’s examine the most common managed service models: 

  • Tiered:Product bundling’ are service packages that increase in service comprehensiveness and price from tier to tier. 
  • Per-User: A flat monthly fee structured as a per user per month transaction.
  • Per Device: A fixed monthly fee structured as a per device per month contract.
  • A La Carte: A more discrete and flexible service package that offers specialized IT services often built around a client’s specific business processes. 
  • Monitoring Only: Can vary depending on the service level needed but often includes network monitoring, help desk support, and alerting services.
  • ‘All You Can Eat’ (Unlimited: An inclusive IT support package that covers all remote and on-site support services for a large enterprise with near unlimited budgets.
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Disclaimer: KDIT may not support all of the managed IT service pricing models above.


Factors That Influence Managed IT Pricing

There are several factors that can affect the price range of your managed IT pricing. 

As a result, it can be challenging to accurately estimate your managed IT costs without a comprehensive managed IT services price list and complete certainty in your IT needs. 

In addition, the estimated worldwide IT spending in 2021 was $4.26 trillion. As more businesses turn to MSPs for managed services, the high demand will likely cause their services to increase in price. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most significant pricing factors for managed services.


Managed IT Pricing Factors

Data Complexity

The cost of complexity refers to the costs of introducing and managing your operational systems, phone systems, infrastructure, processes, and IT support services. The greater the data complexity, the higher your managed IT costs will be.

Number of Users

The more users you need to protect, the more access points and vulnerabilities you need to account for. Also consider how remote work has affected how businesses manage their users, devices, and infrastructure. 

Number of Servers

Servers introduce a great deal of complexity for organizations. From management, security, maintenance, customizations, to upgrades, server management can rack up managed IT costs fast. 

Required Service Time

The more time an MSP is committed to resolving IT problems or addressing infrastructure issues can significantly impact your managed IT pricing unless otherwise stated in detailed services agreements

Current and Future IT Needs

As your business evolves, so do your technology needs. This is where operating with managed services that offer easy service scalability is a great advantage for small and medium-sized businesses.

Supported Industry Verticals

Businesses that operate in more regulated industries, such as healthcare, legal, or financial services, often require advanced business continuity and security solutions that are only covered through managed services. 

To avoid compliance fines, ensure your MSP is familiar with data compliance standards that affect your industry.


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