The 5 Top Tech Companies in Orange County and the Role IT Plays

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There are many top tech companies in Orange County, CA. In fact, the area is home to some of the most innovative and successful businesses in the industry. 

Well documented by the county itself, this highly desirable area of California is perfectly poised for tech companies to thrive, and for new tech startups to succeed. And already, there are several large tech companies in Orange County, California that are known across the country, and some even globally.

So what makes these companies so special? What do they do differently than their competitors? In this blog post, we will take a look at 5 top tech companies in Orange County and see how they use IT to achieve success.

Some Background Knowledge on Orange County, CA

Orange County is a hub of corporate powerhouses, and an ever growing number have chosen to make it their headquarters. 

Not only are there Fortune 500 companies like Ingram Micro in Santa Ana and Blizzard – but also the 1000th ranked Allergan who chose Irvine as its home. Other more well-known businesses however aren’t limited here; with Mazda, Toshiba, Toyota & Hyundai just some that call Orange county’s boundaries their own! Even the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Classic Center USA has based itself within the City of Irvine, California adding another layer of sophistication to this already impressive region.

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The 5 Largest Tech Companies in Orange County (and the Role of IT)

Here are the biggest tech companies in Orange County still making waves today:


1. Blizzard

Since its inception in 1994, Blizzard Entertainment has rapidly established itself as one of the foremost entertainment software publishers and developers in the industry. 

With revolutionary games such as ‘World of Warcraft’, which is one of the most successful PC games to date, Blizzard is renowned for creating high-quality content that engages players around the world. Their commitment to innovation and excellence can be seen in their latest offerings and they continue to set standards for other companies in the industry.

With so much customer data (including payment data) keeping track of it all and abiding by all the necessary regulations at the same time is an entire company department unto itself. That’s why having an experienced and capable IT company in Orange County managing it all with expert precision is a top-level solution that even a company the size of Blizzard would benefit from.

2. Protecht

Protecht is shaking up the live events industry by offering an exciting new technology – they’re abolishing the “no refunds” policy and giving organizers full CONTROL over their brands, revenue, checkout flow and fan engagement. 

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Their innovative insurance products guarantee straightforward refunds for fans if an event has to be canceled, postponed or cut short, providing a superior buying experience with integrated protection. Taking the risk out of hosting events allows platforms and organizers to improve their customer service, attract more fans and create innovative experiences. Protecht’s cutting-edge approach to live event insurance is setting a new standard in the industry.

For all of their big moves and new initiatives, having a qualified IT consulting service in Orange County can drastically improve Protecht’s efficiency and success rate for growing their company.

3. Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro offers an unparalleled service to businesses across the globe, enabling them to get maximum value from their technology investments. 

Their comprehensive range of cloud-based mobility solutions and supply chain services ensures partners can operate as efficiently and effectively in any given market – no matter how complex or specialized it is! The company also provides tailored applications for different verticals, business customers, commercial needs; thus amplifying its global reach on multiple levels.

And when the tech stops working, even if it’s just all the printers on the third floor, having the right IT support in Orange County can make all the difference. That’s why Orange County technology companies like Ingram Micro make liberal use of these kinds of services.

4. Anduril

Anduril, a defense tech company founded in 2017, is bringing the talent and financial resources of Silicon Valley to the defense sector. 

It features an impressive team of experts within various areas in technology, such as computer vision, artificial intelligence, sensor fusion, optics and data analysis. This top-notch talent includes leading engineers from some of the most widely known companies in this space like Google, Tesla, General Atomics and Palantir. Notably, Anduril has also sourced experienced engineers from Oculus VR and SpaceX to join their ranks. The joining of these two sectors creates an exciting opportunity for new innovations that could revolutionize the way companies approach defense operations in the future.

And with so much on the line in terms of sensitive data, it’s of extreme importance for companies like Anduril to employ vigorous cybersecurity measures to ensure the data they handle is protected and complies with all applicable regulations.



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Top Orange County Tech Companies

Using IT Like These 5 Big Tech Companies in Orange County with KDIT

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