What is IT Procurement and What are Its Benefits?

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In today’s market, only 37% of executives believe that business and IT leaders agreed on the role of IT throughout their companies, according to a Capgemini study.

The study also revealed that 35% of respondents thought that IT and business leaders agreed that IT can increase productivity.

“Imagine embarking on a journey without a clear destination in mind,” says Kevin Derenard, CEO of KDIT. “You might start the journey, but without direction, there’s uncertainty about the final stop. IT procurement serves as your roadmap, ensuring you don’t get lost.”

IT procurement isn’t just about buying new gadgets or software for your business. It’s a holistic approach that, when harmonized with your company’s long-term aspirations, can unlock a wide range of advantageous technology products or services.

So, what is IT procurement, and why does it hold such significance? In this article, we’ll answer those questions while explaining the steps in the procurement process and how to master them.

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What is IT Procurement?

At its core, IT procurement involves the acquisition of IT products or services tailored to your company’s distinct requirements.

This mission is accomplished with the help of procurement professionals through a series of actions that generally include:

  • Defining your requirements
  • Vendor sourcing and assessment
  • Initiating payment processing
  • Overseeing supply chains

Collaborating with a procurement team can be a game-changer. According to the results of a Stripe and Harris Poll study, IT departments waste a whopping $85 billion per year on rectifying flawed technology, rather than procuring or developing customized software solutions.


Why IT Procurement is Necessary

An enterprise’s success hinges on harmonizing its IT assets with its mission. This is where procurement managers shine.Their expertise not only streamlines operations but also ensures cost efficiency, risk management in IT ventures, and adherence to pertinent industry regulations.


Decoding the IT Procurement Process

You may be thinking, “what is the IT procurement process?” It’s a methodical approach comprising four pivotal steps in the procurement process, pivotal for sustained growth.


Step 1: Requirement Identification and Analysis

The IT procurement process starts with discerning the services required by your business. Is your focus on hardware, software, services, or a blend? The answer to this question aids in pinpointing precise needs, their alignment with your business blueprint, and fiscal limitations.

This phase also entails an exhaustive analysis of these requirements, both technically and operationally. Precision here ensures cost-effective and apt resource acquisition.


Step 2: Vendor Identification and Evaluation

Your next move is to scout for potential suppliers capable of delivering the desired products or services. This necessitates thorough market scrutiny to pinpoint potential suppliers.

After curating a list of potential suppliers, it’s imperative to assess them on diverse parameters like cost, quality, dependability, and post-purchase support.


IT Procurement

Source: Kissflow 


Step 3: Contract Negotiation and Management

Once you’ve found the right supplier, you move into the negotiation phase. The goal is to hash out a win-win agreement, factoring in aspects like pricing, delivery stipulations, payment terms, and warranty clauses.

Effective contract administration should be a cornerstone of your procurement strategy, ensuring adherence to all contractual commitments and deliverables.


Step 4: IT Asset Management

Robust IT asset management is crucial. This covers monitoring and managing IT assets throughout their entire lifecycle, from acquisition to retirement.

The objective is to maximize each asset’s value, ensuring its efficacy. Proper IT asset management can shield you from unwarranted expenses and risks tied to IT investments. A startling 43% of companies fail to track their assets and inventory effectively.


IT Procurement Challenges

Despite its significance and benefits, IT procurement is riddled with challenges. Recognizing and adeptly navigating these can pave the way for a seamless procurement strategy:


Understanding of Technical Requirements

The rapid tech evolution makes comprehending your firm’s technical needs daunting. Staying updated with industry shifts is vital.

It’s crucial to stay informed of industry trends and developments, discerning which solutions resonate with your business’s vision and necessities.

Vendor Evaluation

Research from Murigi indicates that a significant 57.1% of IT procurement’s efficacy rests on vendor assessment criteria.

However, gauging a vendor’s reliability or their product or service quality, given the size of the market, is challenging. Comprehensive vendor evaluations, reference checks, past performance results, and client feedback are essential before finalizing.


Contract and Vendor Relationship Management

Contracts require meticulous management through vendor performance tracking, contract adherence, and the handling of renewals or terminations.

Moreover, nurturing supplier relationships is the bedrock of a fruitful, enduring alliance. This demands transparent communication, adept negotiation, and a shared understanding of anticipations.


A Quick Overview of the IT Procurement Process



Key Consideration

1. Requirement Identification and Analysis Determine IT needs and analyze them. What IT resources does your company need?
2. Vendor Identification and Evaluation Research and assess potential suppliers. Who offers the best value for the required services or products?
3. Contract Negotiation and Management Finalize terms and oversee contract fulfillment. Are the terms mutually beneficial?
4. IT Asset Management Monitor and manage IT assets throughout their lifecycle. How can you optimize the value of each asset?


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What is IT Procurement? Find Out By Partnering With KDIT

As the world of IT continues to evolve, mastering the procurement cycle and adeptly acquiring goods and services have transitioned from being mere options to imperatives.

Forging robust supplier relationships and excelling in indirect procurement and services procurement are the keys to long-term triumph.

At KDIT, we’re well-versed with these intricacies and are ready to guide you through the process of IT procurement. Our seasoned procurement team has steered businesses like yours towards enduring success by providing reliable support throughout the procurement process.

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