Why Do We Need Network Security?

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Cyber attacks are on the rise. This trend is encouraging businesses to reassess their cybersecurity plans. When business owners assess their current security policies, the importance of network security cannot be overlooked. 

Adequate network security measures will protect your business and everyone in your computer network . Hackers can steal customer data to commit identity theft or use your network to breach your partners’ systems.

This article will expand on why network security is important . We will discuss how cybercriminals can harm your business and how you can use network security to stop them.

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Why is Network Security Important?

Ransomware Attacks are on the Rise

Since the beginning of the 2020s, ransomware incidents have steadily increased. In 2021, one in five companies was targeted. This statistic increased to one in three in 2022. 

Hackers exploit network vulnerabilities to enact a ransomware attack. Staying on top of your network’s possible weak points will reduce the risk of an attack on your company.

Any Business Can Be a Target

Too many small businesses think “ why do we need network security ? Our company is too small to be on anyone’s radar.” Attackers bank on this mindset. In reality, smaller businesses are more likely to be targeted.

Investing in network security is a smart move for a small business owner. Small businesses are a bigger target and security breaches can cause reputational damage that impedes corporate growth.

Hackers Have More Entry Points Than Ever

Computers are not the only way an attacker can enter your network. Most people have multiple IoT devices. Network-connected mobile devices, smartwatches, smart cars, and more can be entry points.

Limit the number of personal and IoT devices on your company’s Wi-Fi. Have strict, clear rules if you decide to adopt a BYOD policy and train your staff on the importance of network security to encourage better habits.

Importance of Network Security
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How Does a Network Security System Protect You?

There are a lot of different network security methods to choose from. Every method has its benefits, but some may not be necessary to meet your needs.

To optimize your protection, choose the right network security methods for your business. Ask yourself the question, “ why is network security important to my organization?” and research which network security methods best address your concerns.

To get started, let’s explore some common types of network security and how they can protect you.

Use Access Control to Screen Your Users

Access control measures filter out unauthorized users based on credentials. At a basic level, you can manually establish appropriate usernames, passwords, and two-factor authentication (2FA) methods for your users.

Advanced access control tools are also available. Password management and protection software prevent credential theft and add another layer of defense against unauthorized access .

Business-Grade Firewalls are Effective at Blocking Malicious Actors

The purpose of a firewall is to protect your internal network from the internet. Most devices have a pre-installed firewall, but it usually isn’t enough to meet corporate standards. You should upgrade to a business-grade option to enhance your protection.

You can customize your firewall to tell it how it should screen network traffic . This way, you can specify what’s unusual for your network. Then, your firewall will automatically look for suspicious users based on your standards.

Antivirus Software is Great at Detecting Threats

Hackers use malware, spyware, and viruses to compromise your system, collect your data, and enter your network. Like firewalls, most devices come with pre-installed antivirus software that seldom meet business needs.

Most hackers know how to exploit these common, pre-installed security systems. Businesses typically use advanced antivirus tools that frequently update. Advanced, up-to-date applications stay ahead of hackers and offer better protection against data breaches .

Network Monitoring is Effective in Pinpointing Suspicious Behavior

The importance of network monitoring cannot be understated. This is because cyberattacks can happen anytime. You need a monitoring system protecting networks during and outside of business hours. 

Continuous network monitoring lets your team detect suspicious activity immediately.  Thes prompt notifications give you time to neutralize threats before they impact operations.

Network Data Cabling Keeps Your Hardware Secure

Insecure hardware can compromise your network just like insecure software. Therefore, you should take your hardware into account when you build your network security plan. 

System errors caused by new installations can lead to data loss . Effective network data cabling can help protect your infrastructure from these types of errors. 

If you store highly sensitive information, you may choose network cabling over Wi-Fi. Protected wireless networks are safe; but cabled networks are even more secure because they do not require wireless access.

Understand the Importance of Network Security With a Proven Partner

Most organizations benefit from mixing and matching their network security methods. The best protection methods for one company may not be the best for you and vice versa. Nevertheless, establishing a clear system for your network security is important .

KDIT provides tailored network security packages to businesses of any size. We have experience with all types of networks and can offer advice on the best network security package for your company.

Request a consultation with our experts today to learn more about the importance of network security and how your business can benefit from it.


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