5 Reasons Why Managed IT Services Are Better for Your Business

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It’s a simple fact that your technology needs maintenance and management to keep your business efficient and roadblock-free. But from there, it gets more complicated. As our technology becomes increasingly sophisticated it requires specialized subject matter experts to manage it. That’s why managed services are so critical. 

The IT Managed Services Value Proposition

Your business operates as efficiently as it does due to an interconnected system of software, hardware, and networks. Keeping these discrete systems working harmoniously and without friction – that’s the IT managed services value proposition

Without that support, you can run into a number of issues that can quickly balloon in cost. 

For instance, in 2016, on average, businesses in this Ponemon Institute study experienced just over two hours of unplanned downtime, costing nearly $1,000,000. That doesn’t include the planned outages for upgrades, updates, etc., another cost that can be avoided with managed service providers (MSPs)

In fact, many IT partners will offer your business upwards of 99.99% uptime. They can achieve this with proactive monitoring and management of your network, ensuring that your business is able to avoid these otherwise large operating expenses

Achieving minimal downtime is just one of the many benefits of managed services that can help your business. In fact, the global business world is already well aware of the value-add that MSPs provide, with the managed services market to hit $393.72 billion by 2028, up from $179.33 billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 11.82 % over the forecast period 2022–2028.

All that said, let’s dive deeper into the X reasons why managed IT services are better for your business than going it alone or hiring an in-house team. 

These include: 

  • Tailor service packages to your precise needs
  • Stabilize pricing
  • Enhance productivity 
  • Provide around-the-clock support
  • Guarantee service levels 

There are of course more reasons why managed IT services are likely a good fit for your business, but for brevity’s sake, we’ll focus on the above 5 reasons why managed IT services and why managed services providers are the most cost-effective answers to all your IT problems. 

1. Tailor Service Packages to Your Precise Needs

Your business is unique with its own unique set of objectives and needs. 

You already have a great cloud infrastructure in place but want help protecting client data via business continuity services (data backup, disaster recovery and restoration, etc.)? No problem, you can build a managed services model that satisfies those needs. 

Or maybe you want high-level cloud computing services to increase productivity and efficiency, ultimately increasing your margins – your MSP can help with that too.

Put a Complete Stop to Your IT Troubles

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Or maybe you want a total redesign and digital transformation of your core business software and information technology – rest assured, whatever the IT support you need, it’s covered. 

Best yet, this allows large, small, and medium-sized businesses to design a plan that meets their exact needs so you never end up paying for superfluous services or having to hire on multiple in-house team members – typically far more expensive than an MSP. 

2. Stabilize Pricing

Why Managed Services Benefit Your Business

IT issues are by nature unpredictable. They can appear and quickly disrupt your business, leading to large productivity losses if not addressed quickly and efficiently. 

That said, acquiring those services on the fly can be similarly expensive. Just one bad IT issue in a month can actually force you to exert your entire yearly IT budget, depending on the severity (think massive downtime or a severe data breach, which generally costs over $120,000).

But you can avoid those crippling, unexpected spending bursts by leveraging outsourced IT services that will provide end-to-end management for a fixed monthly rate

This ensures your business is prepared to respond to any and all IT issues while your budget is secure no matter what IT event occurs. 

3. Enhance Productivity

Enhancing productivity is one of the best reasons why managed services are a strong fit for the vast majority of businesses. 

Your MSP will assess your entire IT stack, identifying vulnerabilities, redundancies, areas for automation, optimization, technology improvements, etc. 

All this, working in concert, can serve to make your business faster, leaner, more accurate, and ultimately, more competitive. 

As an added bonus, your team will thank you for getting rid of those frustrating technology interruptions and headaches – a huge boon for morale.  Everything from 24/7/365 monitoring of networks and rapid threat remediation are critical to keeping your business running smoothly and more efficiently than ever before. All of which are included in an end-to-end managed services package from a reliable provider. Your in-house team will simply not be able to provide all these services and subject matter experts unless you grow it very large – and that requires huge capital investments into IT, which can be better served elsewhere to grow your business. 

4. Provide Round-the-Clock Service

An in-house team will take sick days, go on vacation, have lunch breaks, etc., but your outsourced IT team won’t.  They will be available to support your business: holidays, weekends, after-hours, it won’t matter.  This dedicated level of service is simply not possible with an in-house team or when dealing with IT issues on your own. 

5. Guarantee Service Levels

One of the reasons why managed services providers are so in-demand right now is that the best MSPs provide guaranteed service level agreements that give you peace of mind that your IT spend is being used effectively.  In other words, you’re not leaving anything up to chance.  These SLAs are signed and documented and can be easily referred to throughout your partnership with your IT provider, ensuring that you’re both on the same page at all times. This also increases visibility and transparency for even technologically unfamiliar business owners.  An in-house team, by contrast, won’t have the same codified standards. The wrong hire could lead to a high degree of wasted time and resources. But with an MSP, you can get a guarantee before you begin working with them that they are ready to provide the level of service your business needs. 

Why Use Managed IT Services Provided by KDIT 

Why Use Managed IT Services Why use managed IT services? We’ve answered that question; managed services’ importance is evidenced by how much you can save from downtime, data loss/breach, optimized workflows, etc. Now it’s time to find you the right provider.  For the past seven years, KDIT has been a boon to companies in Los Angeles, Orange County and other regions by providing a comprehensive suite of managed and professional IT services. Our services come at a single flat rate with no hidden or unexpected fees We pride ourselves on full transparency and being upfront with all our clients. To that end, we provide month-to-month service plans after the initial 12-month SLA-backed contract, ensuring maximal flexibility for your business moving forward.  With KDIT, your business will leverage:
  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA) with every contract
  • Tailored service packages for projects of any size and with any budget
  • A fast, 30-day onboarding process so we can get to work on your project quickly
  • A dedicated project lead who acts as your primary contact throughout your process
  • 24/7 support availability with an average response time of one hour, even on weekends and holidays
  • Remote IT support and helpdesk services that proactively solve IT problems before they impact your productivity 
Trust our team of IT experts to help you meet your business goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can optimize your entire IT stack and prevent/remediate any and all IT issues that plague your business.